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mistake (web series)

Troubled by the death of Melissa Wright's mother, the Wright family goes through unforeseen obstacles that begin to hinder all of their family relations. While this is occurring, the Love family enters their lives. In every mysterious way possible, they go from good to bad. This series touches on how your past can affect your future and the mental illnesses of anger, alcoholism, greed, and depression..


the jump off (short film)

Idealistic young man Nigel has been in a secret romantic relationship with his friend, Malik, for several weeks, seemingly content with their unofficial status, but he longs for more. After a night of passionate lovemaking, Nigel asks Malik to stay the night, and is rejected. Taking matters into his own hands, he kisses Malik outside in the middle of the night, when they are caught, Nigel is violently rejected. In the aftermath, he reflects alone on their time together in order to move on.


note to self (Short film)

Note to self is a film about a man's conversation with his subconscious over the woman he loves. Darren is faced with the tough decision to decide between his future with the longtime girlfriend or the chance to advance his career. But in the end, the decision isn't his.

Hey there, I’m David A. Wallace. I’m an actor and model working and living in New York City.


David A. Wallace is an actor and international model that resides in New York City. A former member of EXP-The Band, the first and only K-Pop group originating from the states, David recently made his Off-Broadway debut as HERMAN in ms. estrada a hip-hop musical by the Q Brothers Collective (The Flea Theater). Additional theater credits include FAUST on 147th Street (Theater For The New City), The Beach Once Here (Drama League), Romeo & Juliet (Access Theater). Film and TV credits include The Jump- Off, Note To Self, Discovery ID’s Grave Mysteries, Mistake Series (Kweli TV), and Lifetime Network’s High-School Lover. He has appeared in national/ international commercials for Milk App (Korea), Anastasia Vodka (Russia),  Google Pay App, and Spotify. He is represented by Alexander Management in New York and commercially Abrams Artist Agency. David holds a BA from SUNY Oneonta. He has studied acting with Susan Batson, James Franco, Geoffrey Owens, and on-camera with Peter Miner.


I want to push myself and my talents to the very depths of their limits. My dream is to be cast in projects that will allow me to expand my capacity and develop skills that I didn’t even know I had.

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